Entrepreneurs by definition are passionate about their businesses. And with that passion comes hard work — but there’s a fine line between spending a little extra effort here and there and letting your company’s needs completely consume you.

These six entrepreneurs share how they avoid burnout by keeping their workaholic tendencies in check.

Schedule friends and family time.

The first step toward overcoming your workaholic attitude is to see your habits for what they are. Self-proclaimed workaholic Justin Lefkovitch, CEO and founder of marketing firm Mirrored Media, found himself needing to change his ways after realizing he was subconsciously prioritizing work over all other engagements:

“It’s sometimes easy to overlook time for friends and family or push it to the back burner,” he says. “I like to have concrete plans in place to ensure I’m fostering my personal relationships. It also helps to be clear on my to-do list priorities so I can find a balance that doesn’t compromise either.”

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